KLOVA|koreano 品牌故事
  • On ground of speedy development of information technology and big-range popularity of the internet and fueled by e-technology, apparel industry is booming. It is a combination of opportunities and challenges. Facing the extended market and speedily alternating trends of the era, the company has been passing down its century-old classical faith and hammering at forging a special image to city women before displaying noble taste and style.


    In 2015, following Lu’s last wish, the company was officially renamed ‘UNO’ to memorize Mr. Zhang, the first-generation founder. By reaching agreement with Bosideng Group, it aims at extending the company. With Bosideng Group holding overall stocks, it embarked on the diversified operational journey and initiated the planning of being listed in the stock market. On the one hand, in face of opportunities, UNO is bold enough to hit out, sticks to diversified and comprehensive operational concept on the basis of ‘brand operation’ and utilizes multi-channel and stereoscopic operational model; and on the other hand, when confronted with international brand competition and the propping internet brand by dint of e-business channel, UNO lays stress on perfecting the before-and-after sales service system at the time of satisfying women’s tailored demands. By providing handy and speedy buying model to customers and dedicating to realizing perfect user experience, it forms its unique competitive edges.


    UNO will further grow in a bid to expand infinite potentials, comprehensively found MCNE brand and successfully serve as agent of the international noted brands of Lafee Maraboutee and Irina Schrotter. In apparel designing, it introduces international talents by cooperating with international famous designers, which helps extend brand positioning to the internationalized track, forge a brand new international demeanor and make it the most satisfying image consultant to customers.


    By inheriting exquisite techniques and staunch faith of three-generation craftsmen and going through around a century of time, the tailor’s shop went from strength to strength. After years of expansion, UNO staffs are launching the most noble special customization to the big stage of the era. It attempts to bring the most consummate products and services to customers so that its ‘brand’ can make a leapfrog progress.