KLOVA|koreano 品牌故事
  • China began to access the electrified revolution era in the 1990s. After his pursuit of artistic attainments in the overseas, Lu returned to China. On catching sight of the status quo of women’s wear in China, Lu decided to pass down Zhang’s aspiration and introduced foreign fashion to China that gradually evolved into dressing philosophy befitting Chinese women.


    By grasping opportunities at the very age of electrified revolution, Mr. Lu was bold enough to take the initiatives. He hunted for craftsmen throughout China and founded his own clothing factor starting from few sewing machines. The production model combining handicraft and mechanization helps guarantee both quality and production efficiency for clothing production. With Lu’s advanced design concepts and management experience, the factory expanded apace and converted to stockholding system. With execution of Reform and Open-up, China saw an economic pick-up. In 1992, he founded Koreano brand facing high-end women’s wear market and inaugurated high-end consumption market for domestic women. In 2001, Klova brand was launched to the market that introduced designing concept from the European market. Its dignified brand styles went down with mature ladies. Under leadership of outstanding concept of the executives, the two brands of Koreano and Klova forever heed direct management and the company started marching towards the role as a synthetic operator.


    At the same time, the Company never let go of its initial intention. To bring about the most perfect clothing experience to customers, it has been forever adopting advanced production devices, introducing high-end fabrics and accessories from South Korea, using different fabric texture to make varying visual effects, and forming unique styles before demonstrating the simple, magnificent, mature and intellectual image of women in the new era. The company also goes after perfection in requirements of its storefronts as it attempts to guarantee provision of the best shopping experience to customers from decoration, layout to display of utilities.


    After over two decades of deposit and numerous marketing tests, the company has been paying attention to bringing about special flavor of nobility of women and is widely received among customers. It has surged into a leading force in domestic apparel industry.